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The roof is the most efficient place for many industrial, commercial and institutional buildings to install sizeable commercial HVAC units or other mechanical equipment. However, improperly installed rooftop equipment that is not watertight will harm your commercial roofing system and lead to expensive repairs.

Like a roof, the rooftop equipment will also need proper maintenance. Damage to your roof can occur from a variety of sources. The prolonged foot traffic from maintenance staff or service technicians, dropped tools, the misuse of access panels that can puncture your roof and the use of specific cleaning agents or lubricating oils can also damage sensitive commercial roof membranes.

Rooftop Equipment Installation For Commercial HVAC Unit
Walkways On Roof After A Rooftop Equipment Installation

Protect Your Investment

In our experience, the construction of pathways is necessary for equipment that will need regular servicing. The use of walkway pads, pavers, or other forms of roof protection will save you money and prevent possible work interruptions and injuries to employees or contractors.

We have been called to many roofs to find that the faulty performance of rooftop equipment caused a leak. However, commercial property owners, HVAC contractors and mechanical installers can avoid these potentially expensive problems by consulting with our commercial roofing specialists to carefully design and implement an initial quality installation and ongoing maintenance of the rooftop equipment and the roof. Maintaining both of these requirements will result in your rooftop equipment performing efficiently and long roof life.

Avoid Costly Mistakes

Having MBR Industrial on your rooftop equipment installation team ensures that;

  • A roofing expert makes an opening in the roof without damaging the membrane.
  • Flashings are correctly sealed around the equipment, restoring the roof to a watertight condition—a critical step for preserving your roofing system warranty.
  • We identify and resolve potential drainage issues.
  • We add walkways or other safeguards if needed to protect the roof from foot traffic during installation and servicing.
Commercial Roofer Installing Cones For Rooftop Equipment Installation
Contractor Prepping For Rooftop Equipment Installation

A Commercial Roofing Partner

Suppose you’re looking for a partner to install a rooftop commercial HVAC unit or other mechanical rooftop installation. In that case, our commercial roofing specialists at MBR Industrial can assist you by installing curbs, sleepers, equipment supports and cones. Our crew can meet you onsite and help you get the job done while protecting the integrity of your customer’s roof in the process.

If you’d like us to assist with your rooftop equipment installation, or have any questions, contact us, and we’ll be happy to help!


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