Flat Roof Repair & Commercial Roof Maintenance

If you need a flat roof repair or commercial roof maintenance, MBR Industrial is here to help.

If your commercial roof is suddenly damaged by weather or other hazards, you need to act quickly. Water can enter the structure and the roof may become unstable, placing the building’s occupants, inventory and business activities at risk.

If you have an emergency roofing situation, call MBR Industrial and we’ll respond promptly. We’ll quickly track down the leak or other problem and make provisional repairs right away. Then we’ll give you our recommendations on any further measures that may be needed to restore your commercial roof to full working order.



Your commercial or industrial flat roof is the first line of defence for your property. Therefore, it is crucial to prevent damage before it happens. In other words, it’s essential to invest in a quality commercial roofing system and perform regular maintenance. This way, you’re protecting your investment.

Commercial roofing decisions are never easy to make. However, a properly installed roof is a significant priority. The decisions you make will depend on several important factors. For example, does your roof require repairs, or will you need an entire commercial roof replacement? Here is a list of essential questions you should ask yourself when deciding whether to repair or replace your commercial or industrial flat roof.

Roofers Preparing For Industrial Flat Roof Repair
Commercial Roofer Showing Need For Flat Roof Repair

What Is The Current Condition Of Your Roof?

One way to tell whether you should seek flat roof repairs or a flat roof replacement is to perform a thorough inspection. Like MBR Industrial, a professional commercial roofing company can quickly inspect your balanced roof condition to determine its state.
Suppose you think your roof has minor damage but is otherwise good. In that case, a repair might be a viable solution. Alternatively, if there are noticeable leaks, tears, cracks, or other signs of damage, such as discoloured ceiling tiles, or you are experiencing fluctuating heating and cooling costs, your roof is due for replacement.

What Type of Repair Does Your Roof Need?

Another way to determine whether your commercial or industrial roof needs repairing or replacing is to know what repairs are necessary. Permanent fixes are always the best solution, but budgets don’t always allow it. Temporary repairs to your commercial flat roof might be a viable solution if your timeline and budget don’t qualify for an entire replacement. However, if your flat roof has experienced extensive damage, a total replacement is the only option.

Commercial Roof Inspector Showing Where Flat Roof Repair Is Needed
Commercial Roofer Inspecting Damaged Flat Roof

How Is Your Roof Installed & What Materials Were Used?

As a commercial or industrial property owner, you must know the type of roof and roofing materials installed on your property. And while most commercial roofing companies use high-quality roofing materials and employ highly experienced contractors, there will always be those who don’t.

Suppose your commercial or industrial flat roof contractor installed your roof incorrectly or used inappropriate materials. In this case, your roof needs replacement sooner than later. Sadly, when commercial roofing contractors use the wrong commercial roofing materials or the roof is installed incorrectly, repairing isn’t an option. Instead, replace it with the proper and more efficient materials to ensure roof durability and longevity.

Emergency Commercial Roof Repairs

Get help quickly when commercial roofing emergencies arise when you sign up for our 24/7 commercial roofing emergency service.


We provide round-the-clock emergency repair service to our regular commercial clients. With detailed knowledge of our client’s roofs, we arrive fully prepared to access the roof quickly and safely and make repairs with suitable materials.

If you’re a new customer, you can access this service by signing up for a free consultation. When we visit your site, we’ll make a detailed roof map that will be a precious resource should an emergency ever occur, enabling us to quickly and safely access your roof, diagnose problems and make temporary repairs on the spot.

Get the peace of mind that comes with having a reliable commercial roofing contractor who knows your roof and is only a phone call away day or night!

Commercial Roofer Working On Flat Roof Repair


Regular preventative maintenance and expert roof repairs for any commercial roofing system.

Commercial Roofer Working On Flat Roof Repair


We provide regular maintenance and repair services for all commercial roofing systems. We’re also experienced in a full range of property types – including industrial, commercial, agricultural, institutional, recreational, and multi-family residential.

With over 30 years of commercial roofing experience, we’ve perfected the art of diagnosing roofing problems and designing solutions that work. Contact us today for a free estimate.

Customized Roof Maintenance Program

Did you know that a program of regular roofing maintenance can save you money? With a program in place, you’ll be able to…

  • Add years to the service life of your roof
  • Reduce your chances of having a costly roofing emergency
  • Take care of minor roofing problems before they can cause more severe damage
  • Keep warranty and insurance policies valid by meeting owner responsibility requirements
  • Get expert assistance with planning multi-year maintenance budgets
Commercial Roofers Performing A Flat Roof Inspection


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