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Your new commercial roof protects everything and everyone underneath it so, ensuring proper installation and the use of high-quality commercial roofing materials in flat roof construction & roofing for new commercial builds are essential factors in the success of any commercial construction project. 


Flat roofing is a popular choice for new commercial buildings. It offers a selection of materials that will help building owners meet local building code requirements, help them remain on budget and still provide high-quality protection on their building investment.

When you work with MBR Industrial, your flat roof construction project will benefit from a knowledgeable, high-quality commercial roofing contractor on board with over three decades of commercial roofing experience, a stellar reputation, and strong industry networks.

Roofers Preparing For Industrial Flat Roof Repair
Crane Loading Materials Onto Roof Of New Commercial Build


When it comes to commercial roofing, there is no one size fits all solution. Every new build requires careful consideration when choosing a suitable commercial roofing system that delivers efficient energy costs, protection from the elements and longevity of life. Above all, the most crucial factor is that your new roof is installed and maintained correctly.

Working seamlessly with your construction project teams, we deliver roofing installations for new commercial builds safely, on time, and budget. We can also provide expert input at the planning stage to help you ensure your new property is well-protected with an optimal commercial roofing system.

Commercial Roofing Materials

Choosing suitable materials for any new flat roof construction or commercial build is essential. In addition, factors such as budget, architecture, environment, building codes and manufacturer warranty are all important to consider when constructing a new flat roof or commercial build.

Our team is well versed and has decades of experience working with the various commercial roofing systems available today. We’ll work closely with you and the construction team to ensure you get a properly installed roof constructed with the proper materials. To learn more about the commercial roofing materials and techniques we use at MBR Industrial, click below.

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Roofers Working With Commercial Roofing Materials For New Flat Roof Construction
Commercial Roofer Looking Over Massive Flat Roof Construction

Experience You Can Depend On

We are manufacturer-certified, with experience in virtually every aspect of flat roof construction and new commercial builds. Our commercial roofing systems and building categories – include industrial, retail, institutional, agricultural, recreational, and multi-family residential. Our business is well-resourced, our team is highly-qualified and we can take on virtually any type or size of commercial roofing project.

We’d love to hear about your flat roof construction or new commercial build project plans. Give us a call, or fill in the request an estimate form, and we’ll be in touch!


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