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MBR Industrial prides itself on being the professional commercial roofers you can count on. We are committed to delivering the highest quality commercial roofing services while ensuring the safety of our team and our clients’ property.

Safety is our priority

The safety of our employees, customers and the public is our top priority during all phases of our commercial and industrial roofing projects.

With our constant dedication to fostering a safety culture within our company, we keep our work sites safe and fully incorporate safety into everything we do.

Professional Commercial Roofers Installing Safety Equipment
Professional Commercial Roofers Working Safely At Heights

Our comprehensive and continually updated health and safety policy meet or exceed all legislative requirements, including …

  • Job site inspections before and during projects
  • Daily tailgate safety meetings
  • Provision, proper use and maintenance of personal protective equipment
  • Staff training in First Aid, Fall Arrest, WHMIS; and, where relevant, Propane, Lift Truck, and OESC ID Certification
  • Job site safety rules to maintain a safe work environment at all times

We also adhere to any additional onsite safety protocols for industrial, commercial, and institutional projects.

Through communication and collaboration with your health and safety representatives, we make sure we know your onsite safety regulations, and we follow them diligently.


At MBR Industrial, we care about our community and the environment. We are continuously taking steps to foster a connection to our community and work diligently with our suppliers to develop a greener approach to our commercial & industrial roofing business.

environmentally friendly roofing options

Whenever possible, MBR Industrial promotes sustainable roofing practices by providing our customers with quality commercial roofing systems built to last also helps reduce waste and environmental impact. We recommend choosing proven roofing products backed by reliable manufacturer support as the very best way to get the maximum life span (and beyond) from your roof. Metal roofing brings three critical environmental benefits – extreme durability, recyclability, and energy savings. We’ve been promoting metal roofing as a greener roofing option for our commercial customers for many years and carry a wide range of colours and styles.

Commercial Metal Roofing On Agricultural Facility
Recycling Truck Removing Bins Of Commercial Roofing Materials

waste less, recycle more

At MBR Industrial, recycling matters. Through recycling, we divert large amounts of waste materials from landfills. This includes large quantities of metal – such as steel, cast iron, aluminum and copper – which we sort in our yard and deliver to a distributor. We also sell (at recovery cost) or donate any other materials that can be repurposed, including over-stock metal roofing, insulation, and EPDM rubber.

waste not, want not

Over the years, we’ve made several improvements at our shop and office to make them a model of energy conservation. By installing skylights, high-efficiency lighting, extensive insulation and a heat pump for heating and cooling, we’ve drastically reduced the amount of electricity we consume. In fact, with the recent addition of our 10-kW rooftop solar power generation system, we’re now pumping more electricity back into the grid than we use onsite.

Solar Panels On Professional Commercial Roofers Offices
Professional Commercial Roofers Supporting Every Child Matters

Corporate Social Responsibility

Our community matters and, at MBR Industrial, we are committed to building solid relationships in our community and developing a corporate culture that encourages our employees to get involved by;

  • Supporting community organizations like Northumberland Players Habitat For Humanity & The Northumberland Hills Hospital
  • Creating local jobs in an equal opportunity environment
  • We’re committed to providing a safe, respectful working environment and empowering our employees to learn and grow along their career paths.


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