Repair Or Replace? How Do You know?

Your commercial or industrial flat roof is the first line of defence for your property. It is crucial to prevent damage before it happens. In other words, it’s essential to invest in a quality commercial roofing system and perform regular maintenance. This way, you’re protecting your investment.

Commercial roofing decisions are never easy to make. However, a properly installed roof is a major priority. The decisions you make will depend on several important factors. Does your roof require repairs or will you need an entire commercial roof replacement? Below is a list of important question you should ask yourself to help make the right decision when it comes to deciding whether you should repair or replace your commercial or industrial flat roof.

  • What Condition Is Your Roof In?

One way to tell whether you should seek flat roof repairs or a flat roof replacement is to have a thorough inspection performed. Like MBR Industrial, a professional commercial roofing company can quickly inspect your flat roof condition to determine its state. 

If you think your roof has minor damage but is in otherwise good condition, then a repair might be a viable solution. Alternatively, if there are noticeable leaks, tears, cracks, or other signs of damage such as discoloured ceiling tiles or your experiencing fluctuating heating and cooling costs, then your roof is due for replacement.

  • What Type of Repair Does Your Roof Need?

Another way to determine whether your commercial or industrial roof needs repairing or replacing is to know what repairs are necessary. Permanent fixes are always the best solution, but budgets don’t always allow for it. Temporary repairs to your commercial flat roof might be a viable solution if your timeline and budget don’t qualify for an entire replacement. However, if your flat roof has experienced extensive damage, a full replacement is the only option.

  • How Is Your Roof Installed & What Materials Were Used?

As a commercial or industrial property owner, you must know the type of roof and roofing materials installed on your property. And while most commercial roofing companies use high-quality roofing materials and employ highly experienced contractors, there will always be those who don’t.

Suppose your commercial or industrial flat roof contractor installed your roof incorrectly or used inappropriate materials. In this case, your roof needs replacement sooner than later. Sadly, when commercial roofing contractors use the wrong commercial roofing materials, the roof is installed incorrectly, repairing isn’t an option. Instead, replacing it with the proper and more efficient materials to ensure roof durability and longevity.

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Questions To Ask Your Industrial Roofing Contractor.

  • Are you a licensed commercial roofing contractor?

    Always use a licensed commercial roofing company and ask your commercial roofing contractor for documentation that shows they are fully licensed and insured with good standing with the Workplace Safety and Insurance Board (WSIB). Knowing whether your commercial roofer is licensed and whether that license is up to date will keep you legally protected if something goes wrong with the commercial roofing project.

  • Will you comply with safety rules and regulations?

    Regardless of what the commercial roofing project may entail, it’s critical that everything is done properly and in compliance with the safety rules and regulations. Failure to adhere to safety ethics and WSIB could put the roofing contractor(s), your property and the people within at risk.

  • Will you provide a written estimate?

    A detailed estimate in writing is important to ensure your investment is protected. Before you sign a contract or agree to anything, make sure that the roofing contractor has provided a detailed estimate for the project. Above all, there should be no surprise costs when the project is complete.

  • Do you provide a warranty?

    Both commercial flat roofs and industrial flat roofs can be expected to last anywhere from 25-30 years, depending on the roofing system installed. So, before starting any commercial roofing project, ask about the length of the project and the warranty. Anything less than 25 years should be questioned.

  • Will you provide roofing inspections upon request?

    A roofing inspection is a vital part of preserving the service life of your flat roof. As a commercial property owner in Toronto, it’s imperative to stay on top of seasonal roofing inspections, as they can reveal problems like storm damage, clogged drains and underlying leaks that may not be visible to the naked eye. Seasonal routine inspections will reveal developing problems in order to better manage them at a less expensive rate than if left unattended.

  • Will someone be available at any time during the project to answer questions?

    It’s important to know who the project manager is before any work starts so you can relay any questions or concerns to that person. Having a main person of contact during the commercial roofing project can help things run smoother – and without worry.

Flat Roof Repair & Flat Roof Replacement

Always Consult An Industrial Roofing Expert

There is no magical solution when it comes to commercial or industrial flat roofs. Each commercial roofing system is unique. In order to determine whether your flat roof needs repairs or if it requires an entire replacement can be so tricky. Thankfully, the commercial roofing professionals at MBR Industrial are here to help.

If you need flat roof repairs, flat roof replacement, or flat roof maintenance and inspection, our commercial roofing experts are committed to providing you, our customers, with cost practical, durable and fully functional commercial and industrial roofing systems. 

MBR Industrial also provides emergency roof repair to all types of flat commercial roofing and flat industrial roofing systems across Ontario. If you’re thinking of replacing your commercial roof or require repairs, contact us today to book your free roofing inspection.

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